St Cecile’s – Riverside – 1931

Another long lost school, this one from the Town of Riverside. St. Cecile’s school. I don’t know a lot about this one, anyone out there know anything about this place?

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  1. My ex wife attended this school in the 60’s it was behind ST.John Vianey church at Dippe and clairview, they eventually built a new school across the street from the church on cedarview that held the same name as the church I guess ST.Cecile’s sat vacant for a number of years until it was raised to make way for new homes being built on Dieppi

  2. It was built in 1924… it looks like two levels but it’s actually three. The third level only shows at the back. I believe there were two classrooms and a rooftop area. Washrooms were only on the main floor which was considered the basement (there was no basement). The main floor consisted of two classrooms at the front, a lunch room and a gym room at the back. Classes were from Grade 1 thru 6 only. I went there and later in my adult years I had heard they had torn it down for housing and actually had tours before demolition and of course I found out a day too late. However, up until a few years ago I had some of the original hanging chain lamps with real brass chains; we enjoyed them for years. Just as a note my father also went there so it surely was a generational school.

  3. chris I didn’t attend st.Cecile’s my wife did we moved onto Isack Drive I think in 71 or 72 and it was already closed, you might remember my wife her name was Colleen Tuer she attended the school

  4. I imagine that she was Terry Tuer’s sister who married Cheryl Laforet. I may have met Colleen but it doesn’t ring a bell. After all it was just a couple years ago. lol

  5. I spent grade 1 to grade 8 at St. Cecile. The Boys entrance was on the south side (right side in photo) the Girls entrance was on the north side (left side on photo). There was two class rooms for all French classes and the rest of class rooms were English. The two class rooms on the top level is were for grade 7 & 8. In my last year there the principal was one of two nuns who taught there. At that time we had a saying St. Cecile in the fields. There were only an few houses on that block across from the school. There was no Clairview street then as that was the old roadbed for the street car line to Tecumseh. I lived close enough that my brother and sister and myself walked home for lunch each day. A lot of good memories during those years.


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