Salvation Army Metropole – 1931 – Chatham Street East

This building has come up in discussion over the years, and I finally came across a photo of it in the December 31, 1931 edition of the Border Cities Star. It was located on Chatham Street, just west of the Greyhound/SW&A Bus Station. The site today is replaced by a one story commercial block. It’s amazing how much density has been lost from the downtown core over the years…

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  1. Never knew the Sally Ann was on Chatham street I remember when they were located at Victoria and University in that yellow brick building the University took over,so this ine would have been located in between the bus depot and Jason’s??

  2. Too bad you can’t see more of the right side of the picture. The Vital Ouellette House would be butted up right next to it.

  3. Correct me if I am wrong but as memory recalls the Salvation Army building shown in the picture above was located on the south side of Chatham street west of McDougall. It was adjacent to the Salvation Army outlet store which was next to the Greyhound Bus service garage. What is now on that block is the Casino parking garage. It was there at a time when the intersection of McDougall and Chatham was a bustling intersection, especially on Saturdays. There was the City Market, Consumers Grocery Store, Big Bear Grocery store and the Holgate auctioneer just down the street.

  4. I need to make a correction on my last posting………the Salvation Army building was east of McDougall not west. Sorry for the error

  5. Yes you are right Jim – The building was east of MacDougall and between T.C. Holgate auctioneer and the Greyhound bus service garage. Directly across from J.T. Wing

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