Erie & McDougall – Christmas 1963

From a Season’s Greeting Ad from December 1963:

    The new main substation and control centre being built on Erie St. East is constructed on the original foundations of buildings erected in 1914 and 1922.

    So strong and sound are these foundations that our engineering consultants judged them more than adequate for the new building.

    So it is with Windsor Unities Commission. Built on the firm foundation of Power and Water at cost through public ownership, the Commission has achieved almost 50 years of steadily reducing costs and improving services.

    The Hydro rate adjustment of November 1st, 1963, brought the domestic rate in Windsor down to one of the lowest in the Province while water rates have always been very low in Windsor.

    We enter 1964 in sound financial condition with the physical plant of both the Hydro and Water Divisions in excellent shape, ready and able to serve the increasing needs of the people of Windsor.


  1. That the place that does document shredding now, right?

  2. Think so….Casino storage building in back

  3. Andrew I just came across some old Windsor Star Newspapers from 1961 while doing some nenovations in my basement. they’re in decent shape. Any Intrest?

  4. Bubbs – I would be interested for sure. I’m certain there’s something in there to share with everyone here. Shoot me an email

  5. Its a shredding/storage/property management place. We (I work there) have a pic in the office that the company that formerly owned this building gave us from the cable car days and the building had at least two more stories. The founder of the current company says that the cable cars were repaired in the building next door. Very cool.

  6. Richard McIntyre

    Not wanting to be picky but San Francisco has cable cars, Windsor like most other cities had street cars, powered by electricity from overhead wires.

  7. I believe Windsor was the first city in North America to have electric street cars.

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