Ouellette & Sandwich – 1899

An old shot, looking north towards the ferry dock dated from 1899. On the left is the old Merchants Bank building and the Wigle Bros Hotel, which was demolished and replaced with the old TD Bank building.

A detail shot of the the streetscape on the right hand side, and north of Sandwich Street a glimpse of the long departed British American Hotel.

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  1. if that’s horse manure between the trolly tracks it looks like the guy in the middle of the photo is going to step in a lot of it,i wonder if the kid with the sack crossing the street is a newsboy?the buildings had character back then not like the cold looking boxes we have on Ouellette today it looks like they had apartments or rooms over top od what was the British American hotel nice old photo

  2. I just noticed the building on the N/E corner has the name British American on the top of the building,all these years I only thought it was the name of the bar that was there!

  3. My great grandfather owned the British American in the early 1900’s. I always love seeing pictures of the old building.

  4. Don’t overlook the Ritz hotel to the west of the B/A. Stone from the B/A was used in the fountain where it once stood.

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