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  1. It’s a real shame places like this aren’t around anymore in Windsor,the block these two spots were on is nothing but a slum today

  2. I knew Marios when it first opened in the 1950s at the corner of Ouellette and Tecumseh. As far as I knew it was the only restaurant in town, other than the Chicken Court downtown in a side street off Ouellette. I’ve learned since that Mario’s chef was the father of my friend Emily Cundari at St. Marys Academy. She became an opera singer in Europe, I think.

  3. Of the two Mario’s, I ate at the one to which Merle refers, at Jackson Park. It was more of a pizza, hamburger, cherry coke and table-mounted jukebox kind of place. The other Mario’s was more formal and more expensive. In the photo, it shows a door on the left of Mario’s, which was stairs leading to the rooms above the two restaurants. My dentist, Dr. Smith, had his practice up there, with the old dentist drills that looked and ran like movie projectors. I think Gitlin’s was across Ouelette? Can anyone tell me if these memories are correct?

  4. They started renovating this building a few years ago, then seemed to stop. Hopefully they continue, and finish.

  5. Uzzy. No they ran out of money and said the red tape at city hall was a part of the problem. So now it is an eyesore for everyone to enjoy.

  6. @Dave. Great. Thanks for the update. What about the old Vanity theater, down the street? Seemed like the same thing. They started taking off the metal cladding, and you could see the old tile underneath, then they just stopped.

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