1077 Ouellette

The 1908 Tudor Revival house at 1077 Ouellette Ave, finally met the wrecking ball earlier this week. This house was part of a heritage fight to preserve it that ultimately lost. A nice house, and one of the least altered and most original on that stretch of Ouellette, it’s now gone and in its place will soon be the entrance to a parking lot. That’s progress. Big thanks to regular reader Tom, for letting me know that the old girl finally came down.

Have a great weekend everyone, see you back here Monday.

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  1. I wonder if anything was salvaged? I was in there years ago andit still had original trim and doors.
    Yup progress…the demo;ing of Ouellette continues. and the gap-toothed whore that is Ouellette is now looking like a crack-head whore instead.

  2. I watched the council meeting the night the developers lawyer was asking the city to knock it down it didn’t seem to matter to the developer that the house had a heritage designation,what really pissed me off was that Fulvio Valentinus said he was in favour of the house’s historical standing but but was in favour of the wrecking ball because we don’t like to discourage new development in Windsor what a crock of shit!

  3. Whoa, whoa, whoa…wait… are you serious? Yet ANOTHER historic building under “protection” has been destroyed???
    I honestly need to know HOW this is constantly allowed to happen.
    I often look at my city (Windsor) and whine about how NON-ORIGINAL it has become.
    There is so little left, yet the tiny amount left standing is STILL allowed to be crushed.
    It makes me nuts with rage!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Shawn, it was on the list but never officially protected. Like many buildings, they are on the heritage list but do not have official title. I agree with you on the how non-original Windsor looks.
    If you said it was founded in 1960s people would agree. Very sad…

  5. Why do they have to demolish houses like this? If someone needs the land, why are they not moving them? They demolished many houses that were in the way of the Herb Gray Parkway. They only moved a few, why is that? Some of those houses were beautiful.

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