Sandwich Street Looking East – 1895

Photo from the SWODA

This photograph comes from the Official Programme of Grand Military Demonstration, May 24th, 25th, and 26th, 1895 courtesy of the SWODA. This shot is looking east along Sandwich street from Ferry street, beside the old Crawford House Hotel. In the distance on the right hand side of the road the tall tower you can see is the old Windsor Opera House. It later became part of Smith’s Department Store and lasted into the late 60’s/early 70’s before it was demolished. The Travelodge today sits about on the same site.

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5 Comments on Sandwich Street Looking East – 1895

  1. Hey! Those are the pictures I took and submitted a while back. It breaks my heart looking at what once stood there now knowing what it was replaced with. Just sad.

  2. Absolutely Denis. Absolutely.
    It’s truly sad. Some people argue about modernism…which is fine in certain instances, but not if you CONSTANTLY tear down everything we ever had…
    Windsor is the only city I’ve ever truly seen that has CRUSHED it’s history completely…
    Most cities and towns retain a good chunk of their history. Windsor does not. :(

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