City Hall – 1920

A view of City Hall Square from 1920. This building served as Windsor’s second City Hall, and was replaced in the mid 1950’s, by the third and current city hall, which is currently scheduled for replacement as well. Prior to becoming Windsor’s second City Hall, the building above served as a school.

8 Comments on City Hall – 1920

  1. Shame this building couldn’t be incorporated into the 1950s city hall.
    Damn shame. Now that they are replacing it, they could have torn down all the 1950s stuff leaving this gem as a great city museum.

  2. Shawn that is forsight. Something this city has lacked for what seems like an eternity.

    I’m hoping this is the last city hall for the next 100+ years. Seriously, 4 city halls?

  3. Shawn I thought the same thing it would have been a great museum spot,but like you mentioned the city lacks forsight

  4. When was this building built, if it was used as a school first? Served as city hall for appr. thirty seven years.

  5. I could be wrong but I thought it was built in the 1870s 1880s.
    On top an old wooden school house that acted as a barracks during the rebellion?

  6. I can remember going up the steps (wooden) of the old City Hall holding on to my Mum’s hand when she went in to pay our taxes. I think by the time the new one was built you could mail in your payment. I remember it as going into an old school.

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