Windsor Yacht Club – c 1940

A neat old postcard view of the Windsor Yacht Club, located out on Windsor’s far east side. If anyone out there is a boat expert, you’d probably be able to pin down the date a little more accurately based on the boats in this picture….

Hope everyone has a great weekend. See you back here Monday.

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  1. Is that a building behind the first boat on the right? Also, is this the same location as the current yacht club? ie PĂȘche Island in back?

  2. The building on the right could have been the club house maybe? Yes that is Peche Island in the background and the date 1940’s could be pretty accurate as those boats are from that era-ish…

    Google “1942 Shain/Grandy” This is the style of boat that existed in those days, from about the 20’s to late 40’s, Plumb bow yachts were big back then.

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