Alexander Chewett

A early resident of Sandwich, Alexander Chewett is remembered today by the short little street bearing his name today in Sandwich.

From Frederick Neal’s Township of Sandwich, is the following information to go with the photo above…

    Was born in Canada in 1800 and while only a
    lad of tender years, he carried powder to the
    British troops serving in the war of 1812. He
    also served as captain of an artillery company
    at Sandwich during the rebellion of 1837-38,
    and was appointed Judge of the Western
    District comprising the counties of Essex,
    Kent and Lambton, May 20, 1854. He died
    at Sandwich, August 2, 1872, and his widow
    in 1878. Both are interred in St. John’s

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  1. It may be a coincidence but Alexander Ave. is also nearby, running between Rosedale and Detroit streets. Could it also be named after Alexander Chewett?
    A passing reference to lands owned by Alexander Chewett can be found online in a court case titled Regina Vs Baby from 1854. Chewett’s propery abutted the Indian Lands which were subject of the case. They would be between the river and the road to Windsor and approaching the area now held by the Ambassador Bridge.. Nearby today is the William J. McKee House (3020 Sandwich St.) which wasn’t built until 1907. McKee was a lumber merchant and investor in the horsedrawn streetcar line between Sandwich and Windsor.

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