Parkview Tower – 76 Tecumseh Rd E

While out for a walk on Canada Day, I noticed this nice mid century numbering over the front door of the Parkview Tower Apartments.

I never noticed this lettering before either, there are all kinds things that you notice when you get out on foot or on a bicycle.

The building, while nothing outstanding from head on, it does offer up some interesting angles and views from the sidewalk thanks to the scalloped balconies.

Hope everyone had a great Holiday no matter if you had Monday or Tuesday off.

4 Comments on Parkview Tower – 76 Tecumseh Rd E

  1. I suppose it’s unusual that the balconies bow out like that, but other than that it looks like a cookie cutter 60’s era apartment building.

  2. Nice clean looking building. The signage was well made, as it has lasted this long.

    The entrance door though, why a step? Why hasn’t a ramp been installed for handicap accessibility? It astounds me that Canada is so far behind the US (the US!) when it comes to making building accessible to everyone.

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