Parkview Tower – 76 Tecumseh Rd E

While out for a walk on Canada Day, I noticed this nice mid century numbering over the front door of the Parkview Tower Apartments.

I never noticed this lettering before either, there are all kinds things that you notice when you get out on foot or on a bicycle.

The building, while nothing outstanding from head on, it does offer up some interesting angles and views from the sidewalk thanks to the scalloped balconies.

Hope everyone had a great Holiday no matter if you had Monday or Tuesday off.


  1. I suppose it’s unusual that the balconies bow out like that, but other than that it looks like a cookie cutter 60’s era apartment building.

  2. Nice clean looking building. The signage was well made, as it has lasted this long.

    The entrance door though, why a step? Why hasn’t a ramp been installed for handicap accessibility? It astounds me that Canada is so far behind the US (the US!) when it comes to making building accessible to everyone.

  3. JB, the US has far more attorneys.

  4. Oh My Gosh, from my reading of this article linked to from below it is of the sounding to me that something fierecely bad happened at this fine looking building of apartments:

    My Prayers and Prayers are with the injured! May their recovery be Swift and Swift!

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