Airport Terminal Construction – 1956

From the Windsor Daily Star – July 30, 1956

    TERMINAL TAKING SHAPE – The new $615,000 Windsor Airport Terminal, which will include immigration, customs and quarantine facilities for international operations, is gradually taking form. Steel is up, most of the concrete floors poured, rough plumbing is going in and tinsmith work also is underway. Department of Transport officials hope the building will be completed this year. Eastern Construction has the contract. This view is taken from the airport side of the building and high above is the traffic control cab.

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  1. For a mid size airport, I find it very unattractive.

  2. Mid century architecture was eitehr hit or miss with nothing in between. This is one that is ugly. But three are some fine examples of mid century buildings in Windsor that look great.

  3. London, Ontario’s terminal pre-renovation/expansion looked very similar to Windsor’s right down the brick colour. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the same architects.

  4. Richard McIntyre

    London On. airport is owned by Transport Canada, same as Windsor was before downloading to Windsor, both used in World War Two for pilot traing. These would seem that possibly the same plans or variation was used for both locations. If you expect great buildings from Federal government don’t look away from Ottawa.

  5. The Regina, SK airport also had a similar look at one time, although with red brickwork. It’s not as obvious now because the original terminal was built around to some degree when Regina added jetways.

  6. it kind of reminds me of Windsor’s bus terminal and the new Via station both have that qunset hut look

  7. They do have a Quonset Hut look. But what part of the airport building has that look? I’ve been through dozens of airports in the US. Most of them are as forgettable as Windsor Airport.

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