Peter and Chippewa – Then and Now

From Frederick Neal’s “Township of Sandwich” in 1909:

    Looking from the intersection of Peter street, west to the Detroit River. The two old fashioned dwellings on the right of the picture are said to be much over 100 years old and were silent witnesses of the war of 1812 and the rebellion of 1837-38.

I believe that one of the two houses mentioned in the caption above is still standing at 382 Chippewa.

While horribly maintained over the years, it would appear that this house certainly dates from the early 1800’s and may be one of Windsor’s oldest standing buildings. It is not currently listed on the heritage register.


  1. very interesting post, I’d like to know more about that last photo and the house itself.

  2. Amazing, Cries out for some serious urban archaeology.

  3. I have long studied the houses and buildings in the area and have looked at the historic registries of Windsor and surrounding towns, sadly many hidden gems have never been identified that I have personally identified.
    I’m not an expert on the subject by any stretch, but looking at both pictures, this very well could be one of the oldest homes in Windsor (and the area for that matter).
    It’s heavily covered up and there have been modifications, but with the state and shape it is, looks simple timber framed…older than 1850 at minimum.
    What a shame.

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