The Beeman House – Ouellette and Pitt – c. 1880

From “The Township of Sandwich” the caption reads as follows:

    Windsor, Ont., “Dode” Maisonville, Propr.

    This building waserected in the year 1855, on the Northeast corner of Pitt and Ouellette
    avenue, by Mrs. Beeman. The contractor was John Shoreland, and Thomas Gray, carpenter and
    jointer, of Sandwich, did nearly all the practical work on it while it was being constructed. On
    April 4, 1887, this building was destroyed by fire and a modern structure erected. It was named
    the “Manning House” after Thos. Manning, the then owner. It is one of the first-class hotels of the
    City of Windsor at the present time. Ambrose Appleton is the present owner and proprietor.

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  1. I’ve seen this picture in the history books. Mighty fine building for 1855…looks like it could have been colonial almost… something you might see downtown Charleston.
    Sadly it didn’t last long at all, and no one alive today would have ever seen it.

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