1415 Janette Avenue

This factory at 1415 Janette at the corner of Jannette and Ellis, has always made me wonder what it used to be.

I recently came across this photo in an ad in the Windsor Star from 1955, showing the new Canadian Plant of Tums. Who knew that Tums were once made in Windsor? The factory is a nice mid century industrial design, and is still in use today as Arrow Mailing.

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  1. Great detective work Andrew, but a few of us saw it being built and could have saved you time. Didn’t know what a Tums was then. Anyone remember the name of the R.C. elementary school just down the street from here? Still chuckling over the “frothy” comment. You are a pistol Merle!

  2. It was indeed the Tums factory. A relative of mine worked there (and still lives down the street from it).

    Lanny: the R.C. school was St. Clare. I went there K through 8 back when it was “full” and there were scads of young families in the area sending their kids there.

  3. I remember they had a giveaway in the 70s. Send in a wrapper and they sent you a metal tube to keep your Tums in. I noticed the address then and remember Dad driving by it. When did Tums move I wonder.

  4. By the way I attended St. Clare school for half a year in fifth grade. I thought I was tired of St. Mary’s and wanted a parochial school. Went back to SMA gratefuly.

  5. It is amazing that Windsor had such a diversified economy and now the city is trying to recover diversification.

  6. My Dad was the head of this operation for many years before it finally closed- I think it was either 1989 or 1990- we had a lot of Tums in our house back in those days! The plant was owned by Lewis-Howe, based in St Louis Missouri, who made their mark (so to speak) by selling a laxative called “Nature’s Remedy!” The company was purchased by Revlon in 1978(even more products in the house) and the plant was eventually mothballed. Of course as youngsters we always liked to spell TUMS backwards!


  7. So Chris, thanks for solving the puzzle. I grew up down the street from this plant and always wondered what the “NR” meant that was on each side of “Tums,” I guess that stood for Nature’s Remedy. It seems to me this property was always well cared for, nice lawn and landscaping.

  8. I know this man who lives on Crawford Ave between University and Riverside Dr….his home is very old and he has a garage in his backyard that was once a Tums Factory he claims? why because he dug up so many dark blue glass bottles that read TUMS! something to look into if your interested>>> I will try and get a hold of him and take pics ok?

  9. Interesting to note the former Catholic school board building next door now looks like crap. An ugly chain link fence around part of it, grass not getting cut on a regular basis, weeds sprouting everywhere.

    Allahu akbar I guess.

    Windsor certainly is changing.

  10. I attended St. Clare from 1971 – 79. That awful chain-link fence was there from my first day in kindergarten. The only thing missing is the two maple trees which died shortly after I graduated. Just thinking out loud here, but I don’t think that is Allah’s fault.

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