Windsor Water Works

From the Township of Sandwich, published in 1907 by Frederick Neal, a photo of the Windsor Water Works. This building was built in 1873 and was on the north side of Riverside Dr at about Langlois. Today only the late built (1914) pump house remains standing. The water works were replaced in the late 1920’s by the plant still in operation at Wyandotte and Central.

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  1. I assume that this plant was taken down in the late 20’s or early 30’s? Why did the pump house survive? The current water tower was constructed in mid century so did a previous water tower exist and if so where? Also, where is the current water intake for the existing water works plant?
    Nice photo… and I presume that those are the streetcar tracks in the foreground.

  2. Not CN rail tracks… look at the power supply wires on the pole next to the tracks. As this is a 1907 photo, CN had no tracks on the riverfront. CN came into being around 1923, Behind the water plant would have been Grand Trunk tracks (formerly Great Western).

  3. When the Great Western came to Windsor in 1853 along the River to foot of Goyeau St. land given to railway for station, it was on riverbank. Street cars when they ran where up on the roadway and went over Peabody Bridge. The power lines you refer to seem to be telegraph lines. IF street car lines would have been much lower.

  4. The pole nearest the left side of the frame has an arm extending over the track that is holding a power line most likely used to power a street car.

  5. I’m assuming the structure to the extreme right of the photo is the still remaining pump house so this building in the photo would be in the general area of the Bert Weeks fountain

  6. I am Most Surprised that Windsor had water works as early as 1873! Were the fine residences of the city supplied from this plant or was it for industrial purposes only?

  7. Isn’t the pump house in the river? I’d like to know what direction this shot was taken from. I’d guess the photographer had his back to the river if indeed this building was on the north side of the road.

  8. JBM in this photo the building seems to be quite far from the road,i checked the photo from your link from the vault Langlois pumping atation and it appears to be real close to the road I have a book titled Connected How the railroads built Windsor there is a photo taken from west of the old CNR freight sheds that once stood near this location in the photo you can see the tall smoke stack and what appears to be the largest part of the building and that track I would say was probably for the street cars

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