Pearl’s Dress Studio

A few weeks back, while doing some work in my house, I uncovered this long forgotten Gift Certificate worth $5.00 for Pearl’s Dress Studio at 520 Pelissier in Downtown Windsor. This never redeemed Gift Certificate has probably spent most of the last 45 years hidden out of sight. A neat little piece of history.

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  1. In the sixties all of my clothes came from downtown stores. Adelman’s, Union Men’s Shop Smith’s and numerous shoe stores on Ouellette, and Pelissier.
    Many more stores that I can’t remember the names of .

  2. Fascinating find. Many years ago I found a gift certificate from Nantais Sports Shop on Wyandotte Street West among my dad’s old papers. The certificate was issued in the 1960s for $4.00. I walked by the place on my way between the U of W and the bus stop at Wyandotte and Campbell everyday for 3 years. Just for kicks, I brought the certificate to the store one day. It was sometime between 1983 and 1986. They happily accepted the certificate, which I used towards a T shirt.

  3. One more comment. Even until the early 1980s, Pelissier Street between Wyandotte and Park was nice little enclave of store and restaurants. There was viable retail underneath the parking garage that included an Italian restaurant and trendy men’s store. Across the street there was a French restaurant and my favourite, Kettle Creek Canvas Company. Used to buy lots of clothes there. They were all Canadian made and lasted forever. Still have one of their briefcases kicking around somewhere.

  4. Did “zone codes” come into play for mail delivery at the same time U.S. Zip Codes came about?

  5. Three little events I looked up on what happened the day this gift certificate was issued:
    – Beatles release “Abbey Road” album
    – Bolivia military coup under general Ovando Candia
    – USSR performs underground nuclear test

  6. ShawnM – It was also the day the Brady Bunch first aired on television, and the Tigers lost to the Red Sox in Boston, 6-5.

  7. you could stand at Wyandotte and Pelissier and look down the street to the EPPS sporting goods sign at the north end

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