Shore Acres – c. 1910

This is a postcard view titled Shore Acres. The post card view is of the area of Riverside between Bridge and Rankin, what was once the old Rankin homestead. It was home to Col. Rankin until his death in 1893. This building burned down in 1925. That same year, a new building was erected on the property and the Shore Acres Hotel and Tavern opened for business. The hotel closed in the early 1950’s and was demolished in 1954 to make way for the Rotary Pool, which still occupies the site. The remainder of the property became Atkinson Park.

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  1. For an inner-city kid in the humidity of a fifties Windsor summer, the public swimming pools were heaven. Without a car we couldn’t get to Kingsville or Point Pelee. Mothers warned us not to swim in the Jackson Pool because of the polio scare. Lansberry was always crowded but had that daring 10′ diving board. Shore Acres was a 10 cent bus ride from Tecumseh and Ouelette, with a transfer to the Wyandotte. Usually no line-ups and a quarter bought you a tag to tie on your swimsuit and you could swim all day until your skin shrivelled up. At the bus stop on Wyandotte there was a confectionary where you could buy a creamsicle and a Canada Dry cream soda for the ride home. Windsor was a great place for a kid to grow up in!

  2. I grew up swimming at Shore Acres Pool. It was a haven for all the neighbourhood kids. We had so much fun all summer long there.

  3. We take our daughter (soon to be daughters) to the park and pool all the time. Atkinson park is a gem of a place and is always busy with walkers, soccer players, skateboarders, children. The Friends for Atkinson Park organization do a fantastic job of improving park and sponsoring swimming lessons at the pool.

  4. Atkinson is a wonderful place. Adam – you are right – The Friends for Atkinson Park have done a great job for the park and the pool. If it weren’t for them I think the park would have been given over to “development” ages ago.

    Many memories of going there with my children when they were little!

  5. What an amazing homestead that was. Looks like an original farm house that was built on over the years as the family grew. These homes are really hard to come by in the city and county now.

  6. Shawn M, you’re right. It looks like the original house was similar to the Fran├žois Baby House. Then the first additions on the back and side (in yellow). Then the second additions (in white). And the porch and terrace added at some point.

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