Jackson Park – 2013

The other day featured a shot of Jackson Park from 1938 (see below), and above is a shot in the same general direction from 2013, taken last summer. Then and now truly one of Windsor’s great public spaces.

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  1. i remember going to Jackson Park during the 1940s for festivals, dances and games…always enjoyable. It was the place to be for teen-agers of that time period.

  2. Does anyone know what those tall trees are in the middle of the lower picture? Are they Douglas firs? Am I to presume that they are now gone, or are they merely obscured by the other trees?

  3. Same here Merle, only it was the fifties for me. UAW and Emancipation Day carnivals, skating at night on the rink beside the old grandstand, playing pee-wee baseball on all those great dusty Jackson diamonds, and the “Soopie” equipment room under the grandstand where I first kissed a heart-breaking girl! And then the shock of watching my first cricket game on the old soccer field!

  4. OK, the first I heard of “Soopies” was in the recent Facebook thread. Now it’s showing up here. Can anyone explain this concept to me?

  5. Uzzy, to me, a Soopie is a person in charge of organizing summer activities for kids in local parks during the summer months. They were basically babysitters for kids who would show up to parks during the day after getting kicked out of the house by their parents – “It’s too nice to stay inside, so get outta here!” – type of thing. I first heard the term when I was a kid going to Willistead Park, and we’d play all sorts of semi-organized games for a few hours a day.

    So, Soopie = Supervisor.

  6. Ron, they looklike pyramidal oaks.

    It really is a beauty. Too bad they ripped out all the roses and didn’t replant them.

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