Water Works Gate

This weekend on a stroll around Jackson Park, this water works gate on the south east corner of Ouellette and Tecumseh caught my eye. It’s interesting to note it’s labeled as the Sandwich Water Works. Now this grate is old. Obviously way older than the intersection, keeping in mind that Ouellette didn’t run through until the early 1960’s, it used to end at Tecumseh Rd. Until amalgamation in 1966, Tecumseh Rd was also City Limits. It’s possible that this grate was from the old Sandwich West Township? It also looks old enough that it could date back to the Jockey Club days….

Hope everyone had a great weekend and enjoyed the nice weather.

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  1. A turnaround for electric streetcars was on that spot (site of the future gates to Jackson Park). Probably brought spectators to the horseraces. Would they have put this cover in the path of the cars? The cement also looks quite new compared to the condition of the cover. Would this support your idea the cover came from downtown rather than being a part of Jockey Club days?

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