2490 McDougall

The old streamlined moderne factory building at 2490 McDougall is living on borrowed time.

The building lost its canopy over the front door, and had many elements painted over and covered up. The building is a non-descript beige.

This photo above shows the building in April, 2007. Seven years ago it was still white, and had its tile accents visible, and looked original, if not a little run down.

While the building was run down, and vacant, at least even the little planters out front were kept up.

Since that time, the property was sold and after many years of neglect the current owners have applied for and received a demolition permit. When it’s coming down is anyone’s guess, but its days are numbered. The larger two story building at the rear (visible in the second photo) will remain, only the small art modern section is planned for demolition.

So as I sat down Thursday night to set up this post, I realized that I missed Wednesday’s post! Sorry about that everyone.

Remember, Monday is a holiday, so no post Monday, and sorry about missing Wednesday this week… See you all back here next Wednesday the 21st. Have a great long weekend.


  1. This was originally the Colautti Marble and Tile building.

  2. According to the Colautti website:

    “In 1943, Colautti Brothers moved from its original location on Langlois Street to 2490 McDougall Street.”

  3. So this building is really only from the 1940s? Or older?
    If only the 40s…meh.

  4. ShawnM: You are being sarcastic… right?

  5. It’s unfortunate how few examples of Streamline Moderne we have left in the city. I wrote a bit about it in March: http://devilsapricot.com/?p=190

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