James Dougall Esq

From Frederick Neal’s “The Township of Sandwich” published in 1909:


    Was born in Paisley, Scotland, September 23, 1810, and emigrated to Canada in 1828. Engaged in the mercantile business in Perth and Toronto, and in 1830 moved to Windsor, where he established a general store, acting as agent for the Hudson’s Bay Company and for the Bank of Montreal. For a number of years he was honored by being elected the Mayor of Windsor, and was also a member of the Board of Education. During the rebellion of 1837-8 he contributed largely towards the support of the troops. Mr. Dougall’s name will always be identified with the City of Windsor, as it was he who suggested the name when the village was named Windsor in 1835. Mr. Dougall died at Windsor, April 5, 1898, and his remains are interred at St. John’s graveyard.

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  1. I have always wondered how the name should be pronounced. Locals refer to the road with the same name as “D oo gull” while the name in Scotland is pronounced “Dow gull”. Is this a local thing like Pierre being pronounced Peerie, and if so, when did it change?

  2. My great great grandfather,s name [on my father,s side] is pronounced the way it looks—-Dou gall or as in Dew gall. Dougall Ave. is named after him and Victoria Avenue is named after his daughter and not Queen Victoria. This is due to the Dougall ribbon farmland the family owned.

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