King Edward School – Walkerville – c. 1910

The original Albert Kahn designed school, built in 1906. It was located on Chilver Rd, on a block bounded by Chilver, Cataraqui, Windermere and Niagara in old Walkerville. The building was demolished in 1997 and was replaced with a modern box. Token architectural features were incorporated into the new building, but this classic was unfortunately lost.


  1. Stupid decision to tear it down. Considering the demolition experts themselves said it was extremely well constructed and would have lasted for many more decades.

    But here in Windsor, boxes are king.

  2. Never knew they had transparent street lamps back in the day.

  3. It’s not only sad that they tore it down but the previous crime was the additions on both north (where they put a gym) and south (where there were more classrooms added) And in the great windows on the landings between the second and third floors, they had glass blocks.

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