Nevin Bock – Walkerville – September 2001

Sticking with our journey through the old pictures this week, is this shot of the Nevin Block, immediately west of the Walkerville Theatre, and currently home to Loreli’s Bistro.

Have a safe weekend everyone, see you back here Monday.

7 Comments on Nevin Bock – Walkerville – September 2001

  1. I think the improvements made look good. Far better than the typical stucco job. I say that this block is a success storey for those who value historic preservation.

  2. Back in the 70’s I think this was the Fairway Market the fa├žade was different back then I had a girlfriend who was a cashier there

  3. Yes, much better than stucco. But I just like to see the original colour of the brick. I’m not too concerned with the entrance changes, they look OK. At least it’s not purple stucco, like the candy store, next door.

  4. My dad ran a bakery Peter Blak’s Bakery in the location next door, 1520 Wyandotte from 1957 till 1969. In this location next to the bakery was Werner’s Shoes were I would get my September school shoes every year. Next to Werner’s was the Laundromat. On the other side of the bakery where it says Trott’s in the tile entrance floor was Bernstein’s Dry Goods were I would get a lot of my pants and shirts. Every year Mr. Bernstein would build a little hut in his backyard that he would live in for a week or two, it had corn stalks on the roof.

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