Canderel Building Construction – March 2001


Hard to believe that I shot these pictures 13 years ago. This shows the corner of Riverside and Ouellette with the Canderel Building under construction.


This sign makes mention of “Windsor’s premier condominium residences”. The original plan included condos in the 30+ story tower. The plans kept shrinking and eventually the 12 story building we have today is what arrived.

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5 Comments on Canderel Building Construction – March 2001

  1. I wonder what will become the next boondoggle the city will plan. (canal/ditch)

    Did they have apartments along the Norwich Block? I remember the bank, the arcade, and the strip club.

    Now all I see is a fake restaurant full of fake politicians and journalists.

    After the fireworks this year, it was amazing watching the “ooh-let parade”. So many people so eager to leave their precious downtown. I guess if you don’t want to eat, drink and look at exposed genitals, then what else is there to do?

    Love the parking lot. They should have put one on top of this building. Wait… what???

  2. What a sad outcome. I just call the building the stump. I wonder if it were 30 storeys if it would actually be occupied though.

  3. One of the worse decisions EVER made in this city. The other one being the Holiday Inn on the waterfront.

    One would think you don’t put a parking garage on premium land in the city. All they had to do was look to Detroit to see the results of that stupidity.

    BTW: The canal idea is dead. Quit beating that rotting corpse.

  4. Believe it’s actually “Canderel”, not “Candrel”. And yes, it’s a blot on the waterfront.

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