Pare Electric Ltd – 912 Tecumseh Rd E – 1969

An old ad today for Pare Electric Limited at 912 Tecumseh just east of Parent, 912 Tecumseh Road East today is home to the Adriatic Bakery. In the pre-cable days I like the way that “All-Channel UHF” featuring channels 50 and 56 was a highlight of the bottom console TV.

Just look at the TV you can get today for $500.00….

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  1. Even if you include the laundromat next door, the building today looks diminutive compared to the one illustrated in this newspaper advert.

  2. I knew the Pare family when we lived in Windsor. Went to school with Barb & Vicki Pare..Barb was in fact my maid of honour at my wedding. We bought our first stereo from Mr Pare just after my husband & I were married in 1966. It was a beaut! Looked like a piece of fine furniture. Have lost touch with Barb and would love to know how she is doing…if she or anyone knowing Barb or Vicki reads this please drop me a line at the email address above. Thanks! And thanks for posting that ad Andrew!

  3. Tv was my babysitter and we had the first 9 inch Admiral on our block. I believe my dad got it at Waddells on University. He shopped at Pare too because we were on Howard. The other stores were Teppermans, Crescent and Grays. We bought tubes at Uptown Radio on Wyandotte at Marentette. They had a neat self-serve tube tester. Everyone knew once you opened the back of a tv that you waited hours for the juice to dissipate before touching anything. Once in a while you heard of someone being electrocuted. Saturdays were a dream for my brother and I. We’d get up at 6 and make the biggest pancakes, poor corn syrup and sugar over them and catch the ending Of Down on the Farm, the first show to come on in the morning. All stations had a signoff at 10 or11 pm. Yes, tvs were shut off all night. No infomercials! Anyway, we’d watch Captain Midnight with his secret decoder, then Tails of the Texas Rangers, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, Circus Boy, Johnny Jupiter and Reject the Robot, Milky’s Party Time, Sagebrush Shorty and Skinny Doogan, Bozo the Clown, Howdy Doody and Superman of course. These were part of the routine but the top of the heap, the creme de la creme was SOUPY SALES! We could have been actors in A Christman Story because our innocence paralleld Ralphy’s. What a great time it was. It’s hard to pass this on to my grandkids when their heads are bent over texting all the time.

  4. Oops it looks like the email address is not included with the comments. I guess just a reply to this forum would suffice. Thanks

  5. Good point, old ads are often interesting especially with the low prices of the time. In this case, televisions have not gone up in price, now bigger screens are available for this price or less.

  6. That $499 Admiral Colour (they spelled it all American, like) TV is the Equivalent to $3,199.32 today. You can buy a 75″ Samsung 1080p LED Smart TV for $0.67 more.

    The $238.50 TV is the equivalent to $1,529.13, today and that could buy you a Sharp Aquos 60-in. 3D Smart 1080p LED HDTV for less than $21 more.

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