Highway Tavern Demolition – Part 2

I took a ride by the old Highway Tavern the other day to check out the progress. I was surprised to find the site empty.

They made really quick work of the old place. Anyone know if there’s any plans for the site?

Here today…

…gone tomorrow.


  1. I’d be willing to bet this will be a parking lot for a lllloooonnnggg time

  2. Bravo Gary. I don’t disagree. Probably gravel too!
    Andrew there is nothing planned at this time.

  3. Nope, I thought it would also be a parking lot for the retirement home next door too, but asking around it’s going to be another ethnic grocery store. It’s cheaper to tear down and build new than do all the repairs to it, plus he doesn’t have to pay property taxes for the next 10 years on a new commercial building.

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