Sandwich Street Looking East – 1915

This photographs was taken just west of Ferry Street looking east towards Ferry. The site occupied today by the St Clair Centre For The Arts (ex Cleary Auditorium), the old Norwich Block can be seen in the distance. This photograph was dated, 1915.

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  1. Looks a little earlier than 1915(maybe 1905ish). Lack of any auto in that pic…if it was 1915, replace two of those horses with an automobile.

  2. Hard to tell but is there a street car way up in the picture? I see the tracks.
    It would be great if a street car still travelled up Riverside Drive and maybe down Ouellette to this day!

  3. There are street car tracks on Sandwich the three floor building in the center of the photo is where the SW&A waiting room was on the first floor until 1938 when converted over to buses and the waiting room was moved to Pitt Street. Nice photo.

  4. I love the old brick road surface and some of the buildings especially the one with the multible bay windows and more awnings over store fronts it kind of has the flavor of an old immigrant neighborhoods very nice old photo of Windsor it’s too bad it can’t be that way these days

  5. Really sad how there never was any foresight and such places like the opera house were never saved. Shame, shame, shame.

  6. On the left (north ) side is that a sign above the buildings for the Border City Record newspaper building…pre Border City Star?

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