Mystery Building – 1915

This building was included in an album of photos of Windsor and Walkerville and was dated 1915. Unfortunately there zero info with the photographs, and while I looked for year, I have yet to find out what or where this building was.

So, take a look at this mysterious building. It was obviously important enough to warrant a photo and to be one of the 8 photos that was included in the album of this photographer’s trip to Windsor 99 years ago. Maybe one day the mystery will be solved.

Have a great weekend everyone, see you back here Monday!

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  1. It looks like a bank, or maybe a library. There’s some similarities to the Albert Kahn designed CIBC on Devonshire, which makes me think bank. Could this be one of his? Is there a list of his buildings that you could cross-reference?

  2. Thanks everyone! I was thinking a library or some kind of municipal structure, but I couldn’t find anything in Windsor/Walkerville. Mt Clemens is close enough, I guess that’s how it made it into this collection of amateur photographs.

  3. Sherlock Holmes at it again….thank you Vicki for solving this mystery..I must say, that building looks even BETTER than it did back in 1915….almost new!

  4. It is the Anton Art Center in Mt. Clemens. I copied a picture from the right rear and it is exactly the same as the mystery photo (not including the addition of course).

  5. Looks like what was called the Barkley Building located across riverside drive from the Hiram Walker Brand center. Was relocated around 1995? to a site just west and south on Devonshire Road. There was another building on the corner of Riverside and Devonshire called the Flatiron Building ( was triangular in shape) that was demolished at the same time.

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