Kingsville-On-The-Lake Part 1 – c. 1933

From a travel guide from the early 1930’s is this little trip out to Kingsville…

The write up on Kingsville is as follows:

    Kingsville is one of the most southerly towns in Canada. It is 28 miles south-east of Windsor over paved roads. There are fine bathing beaches in front of the town, at Cedar Island, and in Township Park, as well as at many other points along the waterfront. At the lake edge is a casino and dancing pavilion and also an outdoor dancing floor. In the park is a dancing pavilion. A beautiful 18 hole golf course welcomes visitors. Kingsville is also the site of a splendid summer hotel. There are splendid facilities for docking and anchorage of pleasure boats.

Jack Miner, famous bird lover and naturalist, with a Wild Canadian Goose which has sought refuge at his great bird sanctuary where these birds are banded on the leg. These bands have been returned from birds, shot thousands of miles from Kingsville.

The big marble-floored dancing pavilion on the lakeshore at Kingsville

Metawas Hotel for tourists on the lake at Kingsville.

3 Comments on Kingsville-On-The-Lake Part 1 – c. 1933

  1. Was the building on the left with the porch later part of the Lakeshore Terrace Hotel? Great place to eat back in the 60’s and early 70’s.

  2. Both buildings were once part of the Mettawas Inn. The building on the right was the former servants quarters. The building on the left became the Lakeshore Hotel and contained a bar, dining rooms and meeting rooms. The servants quarters were converted to guest rooms. These buildings no longer stand.
    The Grovedale (now King’s Landing) is beyond and obstructed by the servants quarters. I suspect it also will soon be ‘history’. Good food can be had here…

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