St Mary’s Academy

A full frontal view of St. Mary’s Academy along Ouellette Avenue, from the early 1920’s. The original spire of St. Alphonsus church is visible behind the school, labeled as the “Catholic Convent” on this postcard.

The school was demolished in 1928 to make way for the Windsor-Detroit Tunnel.

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  1. Nice pic. On another topic, is St. Alphonsus now closed? See the old red brick rectory is no more. Anyone know when it came down?

  2. When the Order of Sisters sold this property, they must’ve received a huge sum of money to re-build in the boonies of South Windsor. That palace was an expensive venture. Does anyone know the figures for the sale of the Ouellette property and the new build in South Windsor ? Then the sales figure of that unfortunate turn over ?

  3. “The second St Mary’s Academy was constructed between the years 1927 and 1929 at this site, in what was then an area of farmer’s fields. At a cost of $1 million dollars and designed in the Gothic style, the 5 storey building featured a magnificent chapel, classrooms, accommodation for boarding students and a majestic Gothic tower.” (if is to be trusted)

  4. I attended the Ursuline convent for kindergarten in 1936/7. It was also on Ouellette Ave. before moving out to Riverside Dr.
    Is it possible that this Catholic convent might be the Ursuline? I know SMA was in the area also.

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