Central Fire Hall – Pitt Street – 1895

Image from the University of Windsor SWODA

A view of the first Central Fire Hall on Pitt Street at McDougall. The photo above dates to 1895, probably not too long after the station was built. It was replaced in 1928 by the second Fire Headquarters featured here, which was again replaced in 1969.


  1. Strange building. Looks like it was going to need an addition as it is quite off-set.
    Quite a tower too!

  2. Another Windsor Ex-Pat

    It’s been over 30 years since I left,and my memory of Windsor fades, but did this first fire hall not survive well into the 60’s or early 70’s? It looks vaguely familiar from my trips to the market all those years ago.

  3. Another Windsor Ex-Pat, the tower can be clearly seen in the photo of the hall that replaced this one, and it appears to be built right up against another structure. That other building could be this one. I have no idea how long this one lasted, though. The ’60s & ’70s are long before my time.

  4. Very Richardsonian Architecture, related arch details similar to the church at Victoria and Park.

  5. I know this is wishful thinking but it would be nice if this building had survived over the years

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