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Mystery Building – 1915

February 28, 2014

This building was included in an album of photos of Windsor and Walkerville and was dated 1915. Unfortunately there zero info with the photographs, and while I looked for year, I have yet to find out what or where this building was. So, take a look at this mysterious building. It was obviously important...

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Merchant’s Bank – 1920

February 26, 2014

A look today at the south east corner of Ouellette and Chatham today. Standing on the corner is the Merchant’s Bank of Canada building. To the left of the bank building is the Vital Ouellette house, still standing, but well hidden. It used to sit on the corner but was moved to the east...

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Calendar Clearout Sale

February 24, 2014
Calendar Clearout Sale

Happy Monday everyone! Hope everyone had a golden weekend. To celebrate the end of the Olympics, and to clear out some stock that’s recently been returned from the retail venues that were selling the calendar, over in the store, the 2014 IM calendars are being sold at more that 50% off. Pick one up...

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Ouellette Avenue Rose Garden – c 1933

February 21, 2014

From the same tourist brochure is the photo above. The caption reads: Rose Gardens, Ouellette Avenue, Windsor This shot is taken along Ouellette Avenue in front of what was then an open lot to the Tunnel. This site has since been replaced with the Holiday Inn. Have a great weekend everyone, see you back...

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Kingsville-On-The-Lake Part 2 – c. 1933

February 19, 2014

Continuing our look at Kingsville, there are a few more shots today… Boats leave from this wharf at Kingsville for Pelee Island From No. 2 tee, Kingsville 18-hole Golf Club. Visitors Welcome.

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Kingsville-On-The-Lake Part 1 – c. 1933

February 17, 2014

From a travel guide from the early 1930’s is this little trip out to Kingsville… The write up on Kingsville is as follows: Kingsville is one of the most southerly towns in Canada. It is 28 miles south-east of Windsor over paved roads. There are fine bathing beaches in front of the town, at...

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Windsor – Detroit Subway – 1925

February 14, 2014

One to file in the proposed, but unbuilt files. From November 1925, came this proposal for an electric subway train under the river linking Windsor and Detroit. The caption in the lower left reads as follows: The architect’s drawing pictured above, shows one of the proposed terminals for the electric train subway which the...

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February 12, 2014

The Town of Walkerville election notice in the December 6, 1934 issue of the Walkerville News. The ballot included a vote on Amalgamation with the Border Communities, the Walkerville News was urging all eligible voters to turn out and to vote “NO” on amalgamation. Oddly enough the town of Riverside was included in the...

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St Mary’s Academy

February 10, 2014

A full frontal view of St. Mary’s Academy along Ouellette Avenue, from the early 1920’s. The original spire of St. Alphonsus church is visible behind the school, labeled as the “Catholic Convent” on this postcard. The school was demolished in 1928 to make way for the Windsor-Detroit Tunnel.

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