401 Bruce Avenue

Photo from Google Streetview

Driving through downtown Windsor the other week, I noted that this place, that sat at the south west corner of Bruce and Park was just a vacant lot.

Photo from Google Streetview

While the front suffered from a bad siding job, a view along the Park Street side revealed a look at this old house. Probably once a beauty, it got run down, and chopped up into apartments. Now it’s wiped away, leaving no trace of the 110+ plus house that once stood there. Now just one of many vacant lots in the area.

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  1. I live on Bruce Ave and used to pass this house every morning on the bus and I’d think FIRE TRAP!!I noticed last week agn! on the bus that it was gone,it was probably once a very grand old house

  2. I had a friend in grad school in the late 1990s that lived in the back apartment. There were still vestiges of the former grandeur of the home even then. Such a shame to see these older homes just left to rot. I wish we would see some large scale urban renewal on some of these older homes downtown. I live downtown and love it, and don’t understand why more don’t.

  3. Kelly, That will never happen until the cirty starts to give incentives to homeowners in depressed areas. And that is never going to happen while we give money away to sporting events in other cities (Detroit Grap Prix at $80,000 just to start) and for more studies to collect dust on shelves.

  4. Dave,
    I know, depressing isn’t it? From a pure economic standpoint, you can get such a better quality of house (granted it might need work) for less money then the suburbs generally and the neighbourhoods are not nearly as uniform as the burbs. Our first house was in a subdivision, 18 years ago, people are already having to replace windows, doors, etc, and they look worn already. Yet, 80-90 year old homes, have held up so much better, unless really neglected! I could never live in the burbs again, it just is so bland I find compared to older more established areas in the city.

  5. Windsor should do like Detroit did a few years ago give the homeowner money and a time period to get the house up to standards ,maybe a lot of these old places in these depressed areas could be improved as has been mentioned but Windsor doesn’t seem to care about vintage house’s only Eddie’s grandiose legacy projects

  6. Windsor should do what Detroit did.
    What city is so deep in debt that it will never fully recover without some miracle like money from who knows where.
    Windsor’s leaders in the past made mistakes but never on a scale with Detroit, so do not wish Windsor followed their example.

  7. Richard, Detroit may been a clown’s paradise but that doesn’tmean all of their ideas or policies were wrong. And Detroit hasn’t cornered the market on clowns either. Windsor has been horrendous with it’s apathetic stance on core neighbourhoods.

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