Missing Wednesday

Hey everyone, sorry about today. I had done all of the posts this month ahead of time… but apparently I forgot about today.

Posting will resume Friday.

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  1. Not a problem, Andrew! We do forgive you! Your tireless efforts make me want to exclaim, “Thank you, guv’nor! You’re a mighty fine gent!”

  2. Andrew, do you mind if we use this story as a place for suggesting future topics?

    I, for one, absolutely love the photos you have posted of the Devonshire Mall. The name is most regal, and the photos are a true testament to times gone by. I would be most pleased to see more such photos!

    And old photos of Windsor’s superb bowling alley establishments would be most interesting to see, too!

  3. I’d love to see a “Devonshire Mall, through the years” type of post. Devonshire Mall had a slide show of photos from the past, but just after I found it, they seemed to have taken it down. Remember the creepy statues in the old food court?

    Andrew, anything on the old Windsor Star building? I was surprised to see the demolition crews tearing down everything, but the historic facade.

  4. Uzzy, my word! I do recall viewing those most awful statues during one of my visits. Were they not suspended from the ceiling? And were they not depictions of old women and youth? I would most assuredly be interested in seeing photographs of them, for even today I feel their presence, and I have not been to that mall in, if my accounting is correct, over two decades!

  5. John, at least one was hanging from the ceiling. Maybe more. They looked like creepy old grandparents, with their just as creepy grandchildren. *shudders*

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