Elmwood Casino – 1984

The photo above ran in the Detroit News in January 1984. It accompanied a story on the conversion of the old Elmwood Casino into Brentwood. This photograph shows the original entrance to the 1940’s dining room and lounge. The original entrance featured tile mosaic trees. All of this entrance way has been covered over, even the two windows on each side of the door are no more.

2 Comments on Elmwood Casino – 1984

  1. Why the coverup I wonder? The trees could be looked at a new beginning of life for the AA members who attend treatment.
    It sure would be nice if they brought the front facade back.

  2. The Windsor way, cover up as much as possible to make it as bland as possible hiding any and all evidence any building was once an architectural beaut.
    That or tear it down to the ground.

    There is no in-between.

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