St Mary’s Demolition Prep Work – 1977

This photograph, taken in April, 1977 shows the rear of St Mary’s academy in South Windsor as the bottom floor was opened up to allow the demolition company to set the charges used to implode the building. Such a grand building, I know I’ve said it before, time and again, but it’s such a shame this one bit the dust…

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  1. City fo Windsor made zero in tax money from this place now that it is residential housing, they are making a lot more than they were getting. This is progress to them. It’s to bad this is their policy, to many of our past buildings have bit the dust in the name of progress….

  2. On a side note to this, I know that a lot of (if not all) of the stained glass windows were removed at the last minute and made their way some area homes.

  3. If you read previous story’s about St. Mary’s it was a victim of progress, private girls schools did not attract enough students to continue, no demand, no need for building simple economics. The city approved a demolition permit because the applicant meet the criteria.
    The policy’s of past city administration’s could point out many thing, but we live now not
    thirty seven years ago.

  4. First pic I’ve seen of the back of the bldg. At that entrence, the bus left me off every day for 13 years 1937-50. The walk from the small back door was thru long dark hallways until it opened up onto the lunch rooms and locker rooms. Such memories.

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