Ouellette Avenue & Chatham Street – c. 1925

A different view today. This postcard shows Ouellette Avenue looking south. In the foreground to the left is what’s under the blue metal siding of the Shanfields-Meyers China Shop. The old Bank of Montreal Building can be seen on the south side of Chatham Street.To the left is the old Vital Ouellette house, which has been many different things over the years, but probably best known for its long run as Jason’s. The original steeple at St. Alphonsus is also visible, as are the grounds of the old St. Mary’s Academy on the far right hand side of the picture.

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  1. I wonder how old the Shanfields building is… And I wonder what the oldest building downtown is? It’s hard to tell because they’re all gone or covered up.
    (Aside from the Francois Baby House)

  2. The Shanfiled building is a shame as is the little shop beside it. They are some of the ugliest downtown.
    BoM sure did build beautiful buildings at one time. It is obscene that this city has allowed so many buildings to be destroyed.

  3. That’s progress Eddie Francis style I guess everybody read about the wood lot on Walker Rd,that had heritage protection and it got bulldozed last weak…. apparently by accident Dave you mention the shanfields store I’d like to know when the blue siding last saw a paintbrush

  4. I think the Shanfield building was originally the Canadian Pacific office. You would go there to book a steamship, rail or hotel ticket. Also the telegraph office. Always had people outside discussing the latest news coming in by telegraph before radio. This would be pre 1920.

  5. Also, you will find the Heintzman Piano Co. just north of the St. Mary’s Academy site, at the corner of Ouellette Ave. and London Street (present day University Ave. at the south east corner where the Windsor Star offices are today)

  6. I am not 100% certain, but I believe that Shanfields originally occupied the former meat market and later expanded to include the Canadian Pacific site.

  7. Before Shanfields, this was CP Telegraph & telecommunications. My mother worked their as a teletype operator until the early 60’s. You could watch Detroit hockey games that were blocked out because the stadium was not full – these games were all routed through the telecommunications upstairs. All telegraphs came in on the teletype and were dispatched from this location.

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