St Mary’s – c 1928

Hope everyone had a nice holiday. Up today is a neat old postcard from shortly after construction, with a neat view of the tower of St. Mary’s Academy. This was quite the building, it’s a shame that it met the wrecking ball.

See you back here Monday. Enjoy the first weekend of 2014! Here’s hoping it warms up, and we get rid of some of this snow… :)

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  1. Used to be able to blame the loud “bong” from that beautiful tower for any missed putts during a round at Roseland. Played pee-wee football Sunday afternoons on a field beside the Academy.

  2. There was a video shot of the implosion of St. Marys. It was recorded in black and white on a Sony suitcase style video recorder. There was a post in 2009 about SMA on this site. Somebody mentioned a video from Channel 9. Is that the same? If anybody knows where that video is I would like to know!

  3. I remember it running on Channel 9 and even asked someone I knew of who worked at CBC Windsor to look for it but he didn’t come up with anything at the time. A lot of cool stuff gets erased when the tape is re-used later. :(

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