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Anyone know what’s going on with the commercial block on the south east corner of Erie and Goyeau? Long time tenants Dak’s Flowers moved out to a new location, and now all the crappy cladding has been stripped from the ground floor.

There are signs in the windows for Titan Group. Rehabilitation, or demolition and rebuilding?

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  1. Gonna assume demo with a nice sectional-couch style stucco rebuilding. Let’s not forget the parking lot in the front with the stucco box pushed to the back of the lot!

  2. Looks like another bit of Windsor history gonna end up a pile of rubble. Pretty grim and forlorn looking storefronts. Been going down for years. Love the second story veranda in the back. Used to be all kinds of buildings with those elevated porches. This might be the last one… Great places to hang your laundry, chat with the neighbors, kick back with a beer and a smoke on those warm summer nights, ballgame on the radio. Nowadays machines do all the drying and everybody stays inside, and buildings like this are about as useful as that long ago radio, worth next to nothing. So, they must go. To make room for the new. And what exactly is the new? Take a short stroll (or Google street view if you live far away, or don’t go out anymore) one block north to the corner of Goyeau and Elliott. Former home of Patterson Collegiate, a once imposing structure also left behind by time and razed to make way for – air.

  3. Last time I was in Dak’s new shop I believe they said the old building was being converted into a medical centre / pharmacy.

  4. The Patterson site was takenover and became The Western Institute of Technolgy, the forrunner of St. Clair College. After the land sat vacant for many years an A&P store was built, in 2002 converted to Basic.

  5. Maybe hotel dieu bought it for overflow parking what ever happens is sad because like was mentioned above another piece of Windsor”s history goes down

  6. I’ve heard rumours of demolition and a new medical building. I really have no issue as long as the designer keeps the parking in the rear and respects the urban realm… This building is looking a little run down… That said.. if the end result is some sort of stucco contractor’s orgasm with a parking lagoon out front… sigh….

  7. Patterson was a public high school until it closed..It was then sold and demolished for the A & P project. WOIT was started in the former Mercer St Public School between Tuscarora and Elliott. Agree with what windsorshane said… won’t miss this building.

  8. Building is a dive. Owner rents apts upstairs to any crack addicted welfare recipiant that comes along. Avoid the pharmacy down the street on Goyeau too. Lots of freaks getting their daily free meth shots. Avoid the park up the street on Erie and Mercer also. All the mental health patients use it for doing their drugs. Great area to bring up kids. Your tax dollars hard at work.

  9. drove by the other day and it was nice to see that there was brick underneath the original cladding. I hope it gets reused instead of demolished as I only assume that if it were to come down, they would set the building back and have a lot up front which would be at a detriment to that corner as there is already an empty lot/surface lot across the street.

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