CN Passenger Station – 1976

A neat look back at our now departed passenger station. This photo of the second Walkerville Station, was taken in August, 1976, back in the pre-via days, when the passenger system was still run by CN.

It’s amazing how little this station changed from when this shot was taken, to when it closed last year.

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  1. McDonald’s just spent a lot of money to make their stores look like this.
    So naturally, we had to change the station to NOT look like this. 😀

  2. Sad little depressing station for a city that had great stations in the past.
    And for as early as the rail came here, with all our history, and for being the ‘end of the line’ we should (to this day) have a grand station which is half museum.
    But that’s just me dreaming.

  3. This one brings back memories. I took my first train trip out of this station (I was probably 5 or 6 years-old). Dig the Dickee Dee ice cream bike kid looking to make a few dollars off departing travellers.

    Any particular reason why Walkerville is in parentheses?

  4. JeffS because this was originally Walkerville ontario before they were incorporated into Windsor train scheds back then referred to the station as walkerville

  5. The town of Walkerville became part of the city of Windsor in 1935. Nonetheless, every bottle of Canadian Club whiskey still has Walkerville, Ontario on its label.

  6. Richard, it’s all made in Windsor, and aged in Lakeshore. Jim Beam controls the brand, and also uses the Windsor facility. What do you think they do there?

  7. I remember seeing this shot on Ebay a few weeks ago. There has been a few out there recently on Ebay, with 1 of the slides from inside the building that was making me scratch my head, as it was from before my time, but you could tell it was from here, from the type of Flooring.

  8. shawn eventually were going to end up with a museum but i’m betting rail traffic will be very sparce,it would be nice if windsor could get their hands one of the old street cars we had here but council would piss and moan about the cost

  9. Didn’t I read somewhere that the station was built as a “temporary” one?

    Have fond memories of the station, the Michigan Railroad Club ran many steam locomotive trips out of there using CNR 6167 or CNR 6218 (both 4-8-4’s)in the 60’s. I’d take the bus from Detroit, then walk down Riverside (?), past the roundhouse to to depot to catch the excursion.

  10. @JeffS: This station was built in the 1960s to replace the station that stood on the Riverfront, roughly where the steam locomotive lives today. But when the riverfront station stood, trains actually stopped in Walkerville on their way in and out of Windsor. Public timetables and railroad operating timetables therefore differentiated between Windsor and Walkerville stations. My 1960 CNR public timetable shows westbound trains making a station stop in Walkerville 7 to 8 minutes before arriving in Windsor. Eastbound trains would stop in Walkerville 5 to 6 minuts after leaving Windsor. There were 4 daily round trips back then on the CNR line (not much has changed), plus a single daily round trip on the CPR line that ended around 1972. CPR trains used 3 different stations over the years. One was built into one of the Riverside Drive overpasses west of downtown. Then for many years the CPR shared the Michigan Central depot at the end of Pelletier Street that burned down a few years ago. Finally, CP built a small passenger depot adjacent to their freight yard near Tecumseh and Crawford. Entrance was from a driveway off Crawford. If International Metropolis could find and publish interior and exterior photos of that obscure station, it would be awesome and cool!

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