Central Fire Headquarters – Pitt Street East – 1928


A neat shot here of the old Central Fire Headquarters, on Pitt Street. It was located on the north side of the street, directly across from the old City Market, between Windsor Avenue and McDougall. Designed by Albert Lothian, the building was eventually replaced by the current headquarters on Goyeau & Elliot.


The building is typical of Lothian’s work. The pattern in the brickwork is similar to other projects he worked on from the similar era. A neat old Winged Wheel was located on each end of the building. The Colosseum at the Casino occupies the site today.

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6 Comments on Central Fire Headquarters – Pitt Street East – 1928

  1. If it was on the North Side of Pitt, between McDougall and Windsor Ave., wouldn’t that put it where the apartment building is today?

    This one is a real beauty. Any more info on why it came down…besides “it was awesome and in Windsor?” I love those winged wheels!

  2. I use to work in the city market for Bradshaw Meat’s on the first floor and we would watch the rookie firemen leaning how to use the powerful hoses. Sometime they were thrown around like beach balls.

  3. When they dug up the old fire hall they found a coffin or so the story goes (?). My grandfather had a cribbage board supposedly made from the wood (C.E. DeFields District Chief, son of C.J. DeFields, Chief). Could’a been a story to creep us grandchildren out.

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