Knights of Columbus Hall – 1919 – Ouellette Avenue

Wowsers! Take a look at this place that was located on Ouellette Avenue. In 1919 this old mansion was home to the Knights of Columbus. In 1922 ground was broken on the back half of the property for a new K of C hall, which still stands today fronting Pelissier.

In that original post, I had listed the front half as being built in 1916. Obviously now in light of that new information the part fronting Ouellette obviously came later on, replacing the mansion above. While the front part on Ouellette was listed on the fire map as the “Auditorium Building”, I have also discovered a building on Ouellette north of Wyandotte was originally called the Auditorium Building as well. Likely that was the building designed by J.C. Pennington in 1916.

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  1. Wow! What a huge house! Interesting the one next to it as well. Thanks for finding this gem Andrew.

  2. Its too bad this gracious old house is gone i never knew that discusting pink store front was connected with the Knights of Columbus along with the Pelissier street side of it that block of ouellette is really starting to look like a slum with all the vacant buildings i can’t believe the state the vanity has fallen to as well good old Fulvio is really working hard to revitilize downtown

  3. At least it’s not pink any more. What is happening with the Vanity? I’ve driven by and seen them taking down part of the facade.

  4. i wonder if that house to the right is where the cook shop restaurant and the lawyers office is ??

  5. gary. No, there is a 4 story buliding next to that house. The house next to this gem is a law firm.

    I took a couple of pictures of the Vanity as there are some really nice art deco elements showing right now. Get down there Andrew you may want a couple of pictures.

  6. Part of that mansion is still there and was incorporated into what you see today. There is a semi-hexagon shaped bay in the basement in the rear like the two in the front. What you see today is an add on to the original mansion minus the third storey attic.

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