Elmwood Casino – c. 1959

© John Stefani Collection

I believe that this postcard was posted once on this site a long time ago. It’s a neat postcard, and a copy was recently sent along by John Stefani, so I thought there was no time like the present to repost this one.

A neat shot from above looking at the Elmwood complex on Dougall. The shot above was likely taken shortly after the construction of the motel portion on the south end of the property, which was built in 1956.

Big thanks to John for sending along the scan.

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  1. My wife and I spent our wedding night (1970) at the motel. We thought we were in “high cotton”. Good view of Sportmen’s Club next to Elmwood. Behind it up against the tracks was a skeet-shoot range. Is it still there? The streets behind Elmwood: Charles and South Pacific? If yes, I delivered papers there in the late ’50’s. Thanks for the great picture with lots of memories!

  2. Lanny, the street you are thinking of is actually called “Charl” Ave. It’s quite unusual back there. Even though it is almost dead center in Windsor it feels very secluded, private, and anything but urban, especially with so much brush and thickets surrounding the neighbourhood.

  3. Looks a little different now. So what happened to Casino’s in Windsor/Ontario. How did they have their triumphant return? What changed, I mean.

  4. Elmwood Casino wasn’t a casino in the sense of the casino downtown, ie. gambling facility. It was a supper club. Don’t ask me why that naming anomaly with “casino” existed though. It was always a mystery to me.

  5. To see such a well preserved group of Mid-Century buildings and Site layout ( except for the stucco bldg placed on the front lawn now ) is monumental. As what happens in other cities in North America, there are pockets of well preserved bldgs and or groups of bldgs preserved by default that new developement has passed them by. This west/centre area has been stelth to developers and partial due to the Brentwood tenants occupying the property. They have kept it pristine and original. It would be great to tour the bldgs and grounds, with donations/fee to tour it, this would help to preserve a unique part of our local history with a more public interaction. Last time I stepped into the place was in the late 70’s when it had dinner shows and disco dancing.

  6. Growing up in the 70’80’ the Elmwood was deserted and often you could find a door left open from vandals ,inside would be a mess with table’s and chairs tossed around and broken glass everywhere along with graffiti.but best of all the Wood served as a great place to ride minibikes and go-carts .

  7. I used to live in the area behind the Elmwood on Janette St. from 1970 to 1976. I remember sneaking in the Elmwood into the womens bathroom to steal the soaps because the soap floated, lol!! I was about 6 yrs old. When not stealing soap I was playing on the train tracks than ran along side of S. Pacific. When I lived in that area it was all very well kept and all the neighbours were friendly, they all looked out for each other. I remember there was a junkyard across the street from my house on Janette. There was a firebug in the area and he was always setting it on fire, or stealing the gascaps off of cars, lol!!! Too funny. Thanks for the picture, what funny memories it brings back!!!

  8. My Mother in Law rescued two big mermaids from the Elmwood Casino when it was being converted into what is now Brentwood. Husband said From what he was told his mother found them barely hanging onto the wall around a bar somewhere in the old Elmwood. that’s all we know. If anyone has any information on these or how old they are we really would like to know. Thank you, please send us an e-mail if you have any information for us sunjazz6@hotmail.com

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