Residential Section of Ouellette – c. 1937

A nice view looking north on Ouellette from about Pine Street. The top of the Medical Arts building is poking out on the left towards the top of the picture.

A close up of some of the cars with a hint of some of the houses along Ouellette. Maybe some of the car experts out there can help date the picture by the cars?

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  1. That first car looks like a 1939/40 Ford. This was probablt taken shortly after manufacturing geared up for war.

    (sorry if this is a duplicate post!)

  2. Ursuline School of Music should be on the right side somewhere around this spot. Beautiful old houses connected together. Can still remember the nuns walking the corridors as I waited in the reception room.

  3. Most of those homes on the left have been converted into doctors and dentist offices now. I was going to a dentist in one of them for a while. All but maybe two, or three are still there, it seems. But with the changes to them, I can’t pick out which one had those stairs you can see in the pic. You can’t see much else. It’s too bad that only one, or two trees survived on that stretch.

    The ones on the right are long gone, with Hotel-Dieu having replaced them long ago.

  4. Aaron, I’m with you on the year but instead of Ford I think it’s a Studebaker Champion, compared to a few pics I found on the web at least.

  5. Geez, I thought this was taken from just NORTH of Pine. I didn’t even notice the curb behind the third car, indicating where Pine is. So, the pic was probably from right here: where we can see the bay windows on the Pine st side of the house on the corner. I would say the visible staircase belongs to 1038 Ouellette.

    Good call on the Studebaker, John. I agree after looking at pics of them.

    Now, here’s my question: If this is 1937, where are the streetcar tracks?

  6. I am not sure how this picture was colourized but if you go by the colour of license plates it likely is 1938 or 1940. For Ontario plates, in 1937 plates were white on red, 1938 orange on light blue, 1939 white on black, 1940 black on yellow, 1941 green on white, 1942 black on orange and 1943 orange on black. If John and Aaron are correct on the year of the car, it then is possibly 1940. Also, is there any significance in the ’40’ cited on the caption?
    The pavement looks new or perhaps an ancient version of Photoshop was at hand (no tracks).

  7. Wow nice picture and I am amazed at the number of trees on the lawns in that area. Quite different to present time.

  8. I’m interested in mention of the Ursuline complex. I went to kindergarten there in 1937 and I’d love a picture of their buildings, if anyone has one.

  9. when you look at how baren ouellette is now in that area it’s hard to believe it ever looked that good back then

  10. What happened to all those trees? One of the only things I enjoy along Ouellette nowadays are some of the remaining apartment complexes of the 1920’s and 1930’s although most have seen better days.

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