1534 Windsor Avenue – 1949 – G. G. McKeough Hardware

One of the things I like about old advertising, people used to put in a picture of their business, leaving us a neat record of some buidling that may not be captured for any other reason.

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Strangely, in a very non-Windsor way, part of the building shown in photo above is still standing. The addition on the right hand side of the old picture (built apparently in 1945) is still there, and part of the older structure too. Although it looks like a good chunk was demolished for the lot behind Windsor Truck and Storage.

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  1. You guys beat me to the punch on the stucco line…. I was recently in New York City. I travelled though very wealthy neighbourhoods, very poor neighbourhoods, and everything in between… but something I noticed, no matter what type of area I was in.. Not a lot of stucco… in fact, hardly any stucco at all… Why has this plague spread so wildly in Windsor?

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