Old Essex Fire Hall – Victoria Avenue – Essex

I got an email from a reader Erik S. who let me know that now that the new fire hall in Essex is open, that the old one, shown above was going to meet the wrecking ball, probably later today.

I must admit, my Essex County knowledge is very limited.

Erik said he thought the hall was built about 1912, making it the oldest hall in Essex County that was still in use. The brass pole that was inside, was moved to the new hall, and the story has it that it was a gift from the Windsor Fire Department, and that it came from the Pitt Street hall. I’m not sure if it was old, old hall, or the one from the 1920’s that was later replaced by the one on Goyeau.

Either way a bit of Essex County history is due to bite the dust. If anyone is out that way, or has any pictures of the hall past or present or during demolition to share, I’d love to see them.


  1. Odd that something like that was not on their heritage list.
    Shame on the Town of Essex… You don’t want to grow up like your big brother…we’ve lost far too much.

  2. Looks like a plain old garage to me.

  3. But a 101 year old one!

  4. You should check outhe one in Tilbury. It still has it’s original lookout tower.

  5. The one in Sandwich has the hose drying tower too, as well as horse stables out back!

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