Canadian Automotive Trim – 1949

Located on Walker Road, the building was located on the east side just south of Edna street.

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The plant, owned by National Automotive Fibres Inc. had a sister operation open in Ajax in 1953. It manufactured interior trim parts for Ford, Chrysler, General Motors, American Motors and Studebaker. In 1957 the Windsor plant was closed and all the work was moved to the new operation in Ajax. The plant eventually was purchased and owned by Chrysler, and was closed in 2003 during the Daimler Chrysler era.

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  1. Andrew

    I a little puzzles where that picture was taken from in 1949, I am guessing that the picture shown in 1949 had to have been taken from the east side of the building because you can see the train track in front. The train haven’t been there in some time, but you can see where they used to be when walking around the back of the Border Press Building. The building to the North is the border Press building which has had many additions and renovation over the years, You can find traces of the original brickwork inside the building. I am guessing that the Border Press Building was cover with that Pebble Stone Finish around 1980 when the last addition was put on the building. The Stucco building to the North is one of Ashok’s buildings, It appears to be a 60-80 year old building that was stuccoed around the front sides of the building.

    I am trying to guess where this 4 storey tower and the surround buildings would have been on the property.

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