Motor Vehicle Permits – Adie Knox Herman

Rounding out transportation week, here are a couple of interesting bits of local history that appeared on Ebay back about a decade ago. The vehicle permits for Adie Knox Herman, wife of W.F. Herman, namesake of the high school and one time publisher of the Windsor Star, from 1932 & 1933.

How these slips survived and ended up on Ebay I’ll never know… but here they are. Have a good weekend everyone! See you back here Monday.



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  1. An elegant car. I seem to recall you mentioning something about Mrs. Herman travelling to California in this car, in a long-ago post.

  2. Judging by the “taxable horsepower” rating of 36.4 it looks like Ms. Knox had to settle for the 5.8L v8 “base” motor. I was amazed to learn this vehicle was also sold in limited quantities with a 7.4L v16!

  3. Tom D, I was wondering same thing. Perhaps it indicated whether the vehicle was owned or rented. Could vehicles be rented back then?

  4. I wonder how much horse power the 7.4L V16 had! Maybe 50?
    My current 6.4L V8 produces 470 horses.
    Amazing how times change.

  5. I live on Bernard behind Herman Collegiate. When the school was dedicated, Mrs. Herman had her picture taken sitting at the front entrance. A neighbour boy and myself can be seen poking our heads over her shoulders for the Star photo. I’d say once a month, Mrs. Herman had her chauffeur drive her slowly around the school in her big black Cadillac which I’d guess was a 52, so she could inspect the property. She did this for several years after 1958.

  6. Don’t forget the Adie Knox Herman Memorial community and recreational centre (and pool) in the 1500 block of Wyandotte Street West. It is another Herman family bequest to the city.

  7. I really, really hate it when people refer to it as the “Adie Knox” centre, leaving off the “Herman”. She didn’t like it, either. W.F. was the founder of the modern Star, I think in 1919.

    And if the “R” stands for rental, I’d bet it was company-owned and she paid a nominal sum in “rent”.

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