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More paper ephemera today from the vaults at IM HQ.

Sticking with the transportation theme of the other day… Here are three different and interesting tickets.

1. S.W. & A Railway streetcar ticket from Windsor to Tecumseh. Regional transportation existed, only we killed it off. This ticket dates to the early 1930’s.

2. A ticket good for one fare on the Walkerville – Detroit ferry. Note the treasurer is Harrington Walker. Harrington’s house in Walkerville is still standing. Click here to see it.

3. A much older ticket of the S.W. & A streetcar line. This one dates to probably before 1920 or so… Bernie may be able to confirm…

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  1. Agreed Shawn.

    It still boggles my mind that as a regin we can’t agree on transportation. The fly in the ointment?? Tecumseh’s mayor Gary McNamara (our Canadian version of Oakland County’s L Brook Patterson).

  2. Ticket #1 would have been 934 or after, when the name was changed back to the SW&A from Hydro Electric. The fare for that ticket would be 25 cents.

    Ticket #3 is from the period of the Detroit United Railway ownership from 1901 to 1920 when Hydro Electric took over. JC Hutchins was President of the SW&A and he was also President of the Detroit United Railway which also owned the Detroit Street Railway. The fare for this ticket was 6 tickets for 25 cents then.

  3. Is their a site showing the route of the Hydro Electric between Windsor and Leamington, was the Tecumseh line separate?

  4. Richard, the road you refer to as the ‘Hydro Electric’ was the Windsor Essex and Lake Shore (WE&LS) and it ran from Windsor to Leamington via Pelton, Maidstone, Essex, Cottam and Kingsville. Bernie has a detailed route plan and he had it on display at the Art Gallery a few years ago. Robert Lynch recently wrote a book about this line called “Taking the ‘Lectric”. The site which is a Kingsville historical site has some info on the system as well. The line running from Windsor to Tecumseh has been referenced at IM several times with comments by Bernie if you look through the archives. It is not the WE&LS.
    Hope this helps you to get started…

  5. Last May I visited the Halton County RR Museum. They used to have an original SW&A streetcar but the scraped it because it was to far gone. There are 3 different restored streetcars you can ride there.I also have an one of the “Walkerville Ferry to Detroit” signs. My father worked at the Walkerville post office and aquired the sign when the ferry service ended.

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